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A bit about us...

"I love knowing I am not alone in this industry that can be demanding on your time, patience, marriage and relationships. It's good to know there are other experienced Christians in the media who can understand and offer advice and support" 

Salt supports Christians working within New Zealand's media, encouraging them in their faith and vocation.

Salt was started in 2010 by CBA to connect and support Christians working within New Zealand’s media, helping them to remain faithful and effective in their workplace. The growth since then has been extraordinary, as have the positive spin-offs. Salt is part of Media Chaplaincy New Zealand which is an initiative focused on the wellbeing of everyone who works in media.  


You’ll be pleased to know that there are at least 300 Christians working as producers, directors, presenters, writers, journalists, editors, technicians, web-designers and a vast array of other vital roles within New Zealand’s media.


We’re able to pray for these people, support and uplift them, encourage them in their faith and assure them that – as isolated as they may feel at times – they certainly are not alone. Alongside this, we offer one-on-one pastoral care and we bring Salties together for training and networking.


We’ve run a wide range of large and small events over the years, from Dragons’ Den and Shark Tank to fondue nights, Christmas parties, and gatherings with deep thinking guest speakers. We also run Mums in Media - a group for women to share with one another about the highs and lows of parenting while working. While most of these have been in Auckland, we plan to increase the number of gatherings for Salt members in Hamilton, Tauranga, Wellington and Christchurch – and online!

Meet the team

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Reverend Frank Ritchie is the lead chaplain for Media Chaplaincy New Zealand, which offers personal and professional support to those who work in the news media.

We believe in...


As we are in a world shaping us towards shallow encounters, isolation, and hurried lives, we place a high priority on fostering connection and meaningful relationships.

As a network of Christians from varying faith traditions, we value space to question, learn, and grow in our understandings of God, humanity and creation.

We value the unique role media professionals play in our society, and celebrate those dedicated to their craft.

We offer support through:

Elesha Gordon

(currently on maternity leave)

A former journalist, Elesha manages Media Chaplaincy New Zealand and helps make Salt happen!

Petra Bagust

A lovely familiar face on New Zealand TV, Petra took up the leadership of Salt in early 2020.

Rev Frank Ritchie

Are you a Christian working in NZ's media? Let's talk! 


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