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Erwin Raphael McManus

You were in God's imagination before you were ever born. All the talent, gifting, and creativity you possess was placed in you by God Himself.


We are all, as Erwin Raphael McManus states, broken pieces of the image of God. And as Christians, too often we talk about God's ability to change lives without fully understanding how to access that power.

The reason is simple: we ourselves have never been radically transformed. McManus explains how many people unknowingly block God from changing us and teaches readers the "texture of the heart" required to unleash God's transforming power within us. He also demonstrates the passion and purpose that lie ahead when we undertake the journey that leads us to the true source, the very character of God. Fascinating stories from McManus's personal life and ministry, paired with fresh biblical teaching and profound insights, will astonish and challenge readers to break free from negative habits, destructive emotions, and other strongholds that hinder lasting transformation and to turn toward a life marked by enlightenment, nobility, and virtue.

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