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Here at Salt, we would love to help you get even more skilled at those skills so we are relaunching the $10K Upskill fund!

Yep, we have $10,000 we’d love to invest into you, or maybe a few depending on how much cash you need. It doesn't matter if you need $50 or $5000, apply for what you need. In 2021, we split the fund between 14 people. 

This initiative is open to every member in Salt around New Zealand whether they are launching their career or have been working in media for decades.  

Maybe there’s a camera workshop you’ve been wanting to attend, an actor's master class, a writers' festival or a conference that’s all about sparking creativity. We would love to get you there. 

You can apply from now up until the 5th October, 2022 by clicking the link below! 


We will be announcing our winner or winners at our next big event in Auckland on the 5th of November (more to come on that soon!)

Thanks for being a part of Salt, we think you guys do an amazing job and this is just another way to encourage you in your craft and to help you to be and give your best.  

Now go and start thinking about what you might want to spend that money on...


Last round we had 14 winners who split the grant with $0 to spare. Here's some feedback: 

I used my upskill money straight away and did a course during term four with the Risingholme Trust in level one Te Reo... Thank you for helping me start the journey. It’s definitely such a great skill for me as a mother, as a Kiwi, and definitely as a journalist.

- TVNZ reporter Joy Reid

I've used some of the upskill fund on voice lessons with a voice coach named David England. 

- Producer Duncan Tolmie

For the Upskill Fund, I have been using it to work with a Los Angeles-based Script Consultant to develop my feature film script. He's part of a company that supports up-and-coming filmmakers called The Greenhouse. He recommended I join their writer's group, which is run via zoom. I joined it and spent the last few months developing my script alongside other writers who have a wealth of experience. I've learned so much from this incredible experience, and my script is nearly ready to start moving into more advanced development. Please thank everyone at SALT for me, as I would not have gotten this far without the fund. What a crazy, unexpected blessing! 

- Filmmaker Leah McVeagh


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